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Below you will find some personal career development testimonials.


StefaanSupply Chain Coordinator Benelux | Delivery Services Team

I started the 4th of April as an Interim in the sales NL team. As an agent in the CRC I was able to help customers with their daily questions concerning their orders or machines. My team leader gave me the possibility to attend trainings in order to improve my knowledge. She inspired me to help other agents starting our CRC and gave me the possibility to train new people. In July I became an employee of Nespresso and since then my career had a boost. Only six months after joining the firm in April, a job opportunity appeared within the supply chain department and supported by my team leader I applied for the job because logistics has always been in my blood.

After several interviews with HR and the supply chain department, the good news came as a big surprise. I was promoted to supply chain coordinator and could start a new career within Nespresso. Since the 1st of January, I am happy to call myself a part of the supply chain team. Knowing that I can throw myself at my function with pleasure for 150% every day, and knowing this makes a big difference for our customers is what makes me go home every evening with a satisfied feeling.

Not one day in my Nespresso career have I regretted joining this firm. I hope to have a long career within the firm and I’m convinced that I will have other opportunities within this company in the future.


RikCustomer Representative B2B

Nespresso gave me the unique opportunity to gain initial work experience. In the B2B department, the work involves dealing with various tasks, which means you have to be a true team player and multi-tasker. But you soon get used to it and over time you’re fully trained to do your work even better by attending courses within the organisation.

Within your team you can count on the necessary will to achieve goals. A transparent, thoughtful way of working ultimately leads to appropriate remuneration with extra benefits. What I particularly enjoy is advising professional customers in a relaxed, personal way. Working out a tailor-made solution and then being called back with a compliment motivates me even more to work out a customer-oriented solution from the first meeting. And I also do it for brilliant colleagues, professional dealings with customers and above all a great cup of coffee from Nespresso.


StephanieLearning & Development Manager

I started at Nespresso 11 years ago as Customer service representative at a time when the company had 15 employees. Back then, versatility and an entrepreneurial spirit were already apparent, allowing me to discover different aspects of the business such as working in a boutique, logistics, retail, etc. Nespresso soon offered me my first development opportunity by offering me the post of Team leader, which I jumped into with great pleasure for 4 ½ years. With great pleasure because Nespresso was really taking off, which allowed me to fulfil a highly challenging and varied role so that I never felt stuck in a rut and for 4 ½ years every day was a day with new challenges. During an annual appraisal, I expressed a wish to one day fulfil the role of Learning & Development manager and to my great surprise I was offered this job in 2006. That was the 2nd stage of my development path at Nespresso.

In this post, which I still occupy today, I find all the positive points of my other experiences at Nespresso, i.e. a dynamic environment that is open to change and challenging with one focal point of attention that is dear to me: the employees. With my team of training officers, the priority is to integrate our employees and provide them with all the training necessary for their current job as well as ensuring their future development.


ErikBoutique Manager BIS Amsterdam

My name is Erik, 27 years old, and I am currently working for Nespresso as a Boutique Manager, in the Boutique in Shop in Amsterdam. I started one year ago as an Assistant Manager and after one year I got the opportunity to become a Boutique Manager. The past year Nespresso gave me the opportunity to follow different training sessions to develop my skills further on several areas such as my commercial skills.

As an Assistant Manager, I was able to carry more and more responsibilities and grow in the role of Boutique manager. In my opinion Nespresso is the ultimate combination between, high quality service and a commercial driven organization. Practice what you preach, result focus, proactive cooperation and initiative are key objectives which are important within Nespresso and which I find back in my everyday work. I still see myself at the start of my Nespresso career and I am looking forward to develop myself and others further within the organization.


RobertAccount Manager Horeca NL

3 years ago (September 2009) I first came in contact with Nespresso Professional as a student being part of a project group conducting a research for Nespresso Professional Benelux. After 6 months of research, I tried to continue my involvement with Nespresso by trying for an internship, with success! I worked as a Business Development Assistant for 6 months, leading several projects from start to end, getting insights into the B2B market of coffee and learning a great deal overall. As my internship came to an end, the position of Horeca Account Manager opened up. Once again I tried to continue with Nespresso and succeeded again.

Currently I have been happily working for 2 years as an Account Manager and am also replacing a colleague as Interim Business Development Manager Benelux. The opportunities to develop myself within Nespresso seem everywhere and I will keep on trying to grasp them!


KrisTechnical & Quality Director

I started at Nespresso 15 years ago. I would never have thought that this journey would be such an exciting rollercoaster, year after year. Having a strong Customer Service background, I was hired as a Coffee Specialist, helping and serving customers on the phone and in our first boutique. A year later I was appointed Technical Coordinator and was challenged with the development and implementation of a complete after sales service. We were the first country and failing was no option. I had a great time to set up this service. Our customers were delighted and all other countries followed this example. That gave a real boost! After that mission I was promoted to Technical Manager, and focused on centralizing the Dutch, the UK and the Irish after sales services in Belgium. The learning process during these years was immense and kept me on a high level of motivation. The field work and cooperation with partners was great.

In 2007 I became the first Technical & Quality Director at Nespresso Benelux, becoming also part of the management board of our company. I am still in this function today. Why? The excitement of developing and implementing new aspects in our company such as Total Quality Management, Safety & Health, Recycling of our capsules, innovating technical services, etc. is fantastic! Especially because I can do this with a fabulous team of experts. Being part of such a company, working daily on the improvement of our processes and services and making customers and colleagues happy, is a passion. The culture and the values you live at Nespresso are strong and a real motivator in itself.

If you are passionate about learning, customers and coffee and you want to work with great people, I can only recommend you to join the Nespresso community and live it yourself”


YannickBoutique Assistant Manager Luxembourg

Working for Nespresso means that we can be certain that we are offering our customers a unique product, high quality and exceptional service. Both due to our wide range of coffees and to the rich offering in terms of machines and accessories, so that we are able to offer every Club member a product perfectly adapted to their requirements.

I started at Nespresso 5 years ago as a Coffee Specialist. Over time, I’ve acquired new skills so that I now occupy the position of Assistant Boutique Manager. What I especially like about Nespresso is the corporate culture that creates a structure within which we feel good, where management listens to staff and above all where we can develop. In fact, throughout my career, I’ve attended many training courses so as to keep progressing both technically and managerially.

Nespresso is a company where developing skills is a reality, allowing all of us to make plans for the future and where you’re never bored...